Photo of dive knife with words "Jay's Faves Spyderco Snap-It Salt"

Why the Spyderco Snap-It Salt is a Great diving knife (According to a scuba instructor)

I have to start out by saying that this particular knife has been discontinued, which is a shame as the Spyderco Snap-It Salt is a fantastic diving knife. With that said, you can still find them online…for now. So let’s see why this knife is a Jay’s Fave and why you may want to grab one before they’re totally gone!

Photo of Spyderco website page for the discontinued Snap-It Salt dive knife.
The Spyderco Snap-It Salt may have been discontinued, but is still worth owning, if you can find one. (Photo courtesy of Spyderco,com)


The first, second and third reason I love this knife is the  snap shackle, which is attached to a pivot-pin at the end of the handle. The majority of Spyderco knives currently being manufactured have a standard pocket clip, like you’d find on most pocket knives.

Photo of Spyderco Snap-It Salt dive knife snap shackle.
Hands down, the best feature of the Snap-It Salt is its snap shackle.

This snap shackle design allows the knife to be clipped to a D-ring on your BC, where it can hang in an easily accessible position.

Photo of Spyderco Snap-It Salt dive knife attached to BC.
The snap shackle lets you attach the Snap-It Salt to various places of your BC for quick access.

 The Spyderco Snap-It Salt blade is made of H-1 steel, which uses nitrogen instead of carbon and makes it practically invulnerable to corrosion and helps to maintain its edge.

Photo of open Spyderco Snap-It Salt dive knife open.
The H-1 steel blade is highly resilient.

The Spyderco Snap-It Salt is 6.89″ long with blade open and 5.08″ long with blade closed. It has a 2.96″ blade length, with a 2.25″ edge length. The weight of the knife is 2.4oz.

The Snap-It Salt was made in either a “PlainEdge” or serrated “SpyderEdge.” It’s blade has an oversized hole for leverage during right-handed, one-hand openings. The body is bright yellow fiberglass-reinforced nylon with textured black Kraton panels, which allows for a secure grip, even when in the water.

Photo of Spyderco Snap-It Salt dive knife closed.
The Kraton panels on the sides of the handle gives you a good grip, even when wet.


I bought my Spyderco Snap-It Salt in 2022. I have used it in the Great Lakes and out in the ocean. While I take care to always rinse off my gear, I can tell you some of my past dive knives have rusted. Not so with the Snap-It Salt. The H-1 steel blade is extremely resilient to corrosion. Other than a slight issue with the metal clasp (see below), this knife has held up very well and still looks almost brand new.

Photo of Spyderco Snap-It Salt dive knife open and showing the snap shackle.
Scuba Jay’s 2022 Snap-It Salt still looking good despite many dives in fresh and salt water,

Some Cons

The only issue I have had with the Snap-It Salt is the metal clasp slightly bent and popped on the outside of the hook. The clasp is a little flimsy and could stand to be a little more durable. I was able to adjust it back in place and I hope it holds because I’d hate to loose this knife.

Picture of Sypderco Snap-It Salt dive knife snap shackle.
The metal clasp of the snap shackle could stand to be little stronger.

Final Thoughts

The Spyderco Snap-It Salt is an excellent diving knife. Durable, light weight and easily accessible from your BC with its snap shackle. Grab one before they are all gone! It really “cuts like a knife”…because it is a great one! All together now, “na-na-na, na-na-na-na-na, na-na”

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