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Why The Cressi Eyes Evolution Mask is a great scuba diving mask (According to a scuba instructor)

Looking for a mask that is comfortable and offers an excellent field of vision, then look no further than the low profile twin lens Cressi Eyes Evolution, the go-to mask of Scuba Jay.

Picture of Cressi Eyes Evolution scuba mask
The very comfortable and durable Cressi Eyes Evolution scuba mask (Photo courtesy of

I bought my first Eyes Evolution mask around 2015 and it quickly became my mask of choice, to the point that I bought a second as a back up! Let’s check out what makes the Eyes Evolution an extraordinary mask.

picture of two Cressi Eyes Evolution scuba masks.
The mask so nice that Scuba Jay bought it twice!


The Eyes Evolution has an incredibly comfortable fit. The double-edged skirt is made of High Seal silicone making the point of contact on your face very soft. Additionally, the skirt is designed to rest on your face at an open angle, which adds to the comfort.

photo of size dimensions of Cressi Eyes Evolution mask.
The Eyes Evolution has a “regular” skirt size with a good size nose pocket. (Photo courtesy of

The mask strap attaches to the mask by a free moving swivel, which allows for vertical adjustment. Despite the slim design of the mask, the nose pocket offers plenty of room. All of the above adds up to a mask that provides comfort and seal better than most.


The Eyes Evolution lenses are raked, moving closer to the face going down from your forehead to your checks, and has the Cressi patented inverted drop shape. By decreasing the space between your eyes and the mask lenses, the field of visibility is greatly increased. The drop shape still gives me plenty of room to add my stick-on bifocals as can be seen below (yes scuba Jay is old).

picture of interior of the Cressi Eyes Evolution scuba mask.
The patented drop shape of the mask lenses offers excellent field of vision.


I can easily tell you that the Eyes Evolution is a durable mask. Whether it be in the the pool teaching students or out diving for fun, I am in the water a lot. As my mask of choice, I’ve worn the Eyes Evolution in fresh and salt water as well as the the highly chlorinated town pool. Other than replacing the strap once (see more on that below) I’ve not had to replace or repair anything on the mask.

Close up picture of Scuba Jay's Cressi Eyes Evolution scuba mask.
Despite nine years of much use in various environments, Scuba Jay’s Eyes Evolution has held up nicely.

Some Cons

Not too much in the way of cons, but the slim design of the mask may not work for people with larger features. Also, the strap on the Eyes Evolution is rather thin and I had it snap on me just before a dive in Little Cayman in 2022. This was about seven years (and numerous dives) after I first bought the mask, so I can’t complain too much.

The strap is thin on the Eyes Evolution, but one strap change in nine years of use isn’t too bad.

Another minor con to the mask is there is not much of a color choice (having just a few color trim options) and it does not appear to have a clear skirt option. However, the Big Eyes mask does have a clear skirt option and is similar to the Eyes Evolution.

Final Thoughts

Everybody’s face is different and the Eyes Evolution may not be for everyone. With that said, I believe the mask to be of superior fit and quality and is worth a try to see how it works for you. For the price, you really can’t go wrong.

Picture of scuba Jay wearing his Cressi Eyes Evolution scuba mask.
Scuba Jay says his Eyes Evolution mask is A-Ok!!

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