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Why the Scubapro Go Sport is a superior diving fin (According to a scuba instructor)

I had gone through several different types of fins until I found the Scubapro Go Sport, and then my search was over. For fit, durability, versatility and color (6 different colors to choose from) you can’t beat these fins.

Picture of multicolor Go Sport dive fins.
The Scubapro Go Sport is Scuba Jay’s fin of choice (Photo courtesy of

I purchased my Go Sport fins in 2019 and they quickly became the only fins I now wear, even when traveling. Let’s see why these are Scuba Jay’s fins of choice…


They very first thing I noticed about the Go Sport was how well they fit and how comfortable they are. I wear a size 13 shoe and ordered the XL fins (They come in sizes between XS and XL). I usually have a problem with closed toe fins as it always feels like my toes are jammed in. This is not an issue with the Go Sport as the open toe design offers my toes plenty of room.

Picture of pink Go Sport dive fin.
The open toe design gives your toes plenty of room. (

The replaceable self-adjusting bungee heel strap makes the fins a snap to don and doff, which is much appreciated when trying to get your fins on or off in a full boat that may be rocking. The straps also ensure a nice snug fit and I’ve never felt as if I may loose a fin.

Picture of heel strap of Go Sport dive fins.
The bungee heel strap provides a good fit with easy don and doff.


The Go Sport are made of 100% MonpreneI, meaning the are built to last. I have used my Go Sport fins in several of the Great Lakes, the Caribbean and in the pool teaching my scuba classes. I can strongly say these fins hold up in multiple environments. My straps are still working well and have not required replacement.

Picture of Scuba Jay's Go Sport dive fins.
Scuba Jay’s fins still looking good after much use.


As mentioned above, I have used the Go Sport fins in various environments. No matter where my travels takes me, these fins have not let me down. Diving 100ft down on a wreck, good to go. Training in the quarry, perfect! Additionally, their lightweight and compact design makes them ideal for traveling.

Picture of Go Sport dive fins in scuba travel bag.
The Go Sport is a good fin to travel with.

Some Cons

If I had to pick a con, and trust me I’m reaching here, I’d say the Go Sport fins may not work as well as longer/wider fins in current. Now with that said, I personally have had no issues in current with my Go Sport fins and that is even while diving in the Niagara River (Yes the Niagara River that leads to Niagara Falls).

Picture of Niagara Falls.
Some may find they have to work harder in current with the shorter fin size, but Scuba Jay has had no issue with them diving in the Niagara River, albeit far upstream from Niagara Falls.

Final Thoughts

Pretty much at the moment I first put on my Go Sport fins I knew I found the fin right for me. For the price, you would be hard pressed to find a fin that is as comfortable and versatile. I have recommended the Go Sport to friends and family and even bought a pair for my daughter, who also loves these fins. As the old commercial used to say, I don’t leave home without them…well at least when going diving!

Picture of Sofia Botticelli with her Go Sport fins.
Scuba Jay’s daughter Sofia wearing her Go Sport fins in the Bahamas.

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