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Why the Henderson Talon is a superior wetsuit (According to a scuba instructor)

The old saying “you get what you pay for” could not be more true with the Henderson Talon wetsuit. While the Talon is a bit more costly, it is definitely worth it and is a Jay’s Faves when it comes to being protected and warm during dives!

Photo of man wearing a Henderson Talon wetsuit with words "Talon made in the USA, Henderson."
The Henderson Talon is a superior wetsuit. (Photo courtesy of


You are not going to find the Talon wetsuit hanging in a store. Each Talon is specially ordered and is made one at a time specifically for the owner’s specifications (make sure to select accurate information from the size chart as their are no returns, this is made for you).

Photo of Henderson Talon wetsuit in box with certificate of authenticity.
Each Talon is specifically ordered for each owner. (Photo courtesy of

The Talon wetsuits are made right here in the USA in Henderson’s New Jersey factory. Henderson manufactures its Spec-Ops wetsuits for various branches of the United States Military. While the Spec-Ops wetsuits are not available to the public, the Talon wetsuit is made using specifications and material from the Spec-Ops line.

The Talon wetsuits are made from Hyperstretch Thermoprene Neoprene, which has been formulated for maximum thermal insulation and minimal compression down below. The seams are all double glued and blind stitched inside AND out, ensuring a long last.

Photos of Henderson New Jersey facility, and hand stitching and gluing wetsuit seams.
Made to last, the Talon wetsuit seams are all double glued and blind stitched inside and out. (Photo courtesy of

The Talon wetsuits include Henderson’s exclusive Fire Fleece lining, which provides warmth and is quick drying. To give you an example of how well this wetsuit keeps you warm; I do training dives in Windmill Point Park Quarry in Canada. Early and late in the year the water temps can be in the 50s. I used to wear a two piece 7mm wetsuit for those dives, but did not like how much weight I had to wear in order to off set the buoyancy of all that neoprene. I switched to the one piece 7mm Talon wetsuit and it has kept me as warm as the two piece 7mm, which was giving me 14mm in my core!

Photo of inside of Henderson Talon wetsuit
The Talon’s interior has the Henderson Fire Fleece lining for additional warmth.

Wondering about comfort? Well the Talon’s military grade neoprene gives it about 300% more stretch compared to standard neoprene wetsuits. Even the 7mm Talon is easy to don and doff.

Photo of Scuba Jay in Henderson Talon wetsuit with daughter Sofia
Scuba Jay in his Henderson Talon wetsuit with daughter Sofia about ready to dive in Skaneateles Lake.

Basically, the Talon offers superior warmth and stretch when compared to other wetsuits.


As mentioned above, each Talon is made for the individual with seams that are all double glued and blind stitched inside and out. This craftsmanship means that your wetsuit should last you a long time.

Photo of a Henderson Talon wetsuit.
Great care has been given to the seams of the Talon wetsuit to ensure longevity. (Photo courtesy of

Each Talon comes with a certificate of authenticity, signed by the craftsperson that inspected it, and is given its own registration number.

Photo of Henderson Talon certificate of authenticity.
Each Talon is given its own registration number and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

And when it comes to warranty, you simply cannot beat Henderson. The standard Henderson Wetsuit warranty includes:

  • 10 years (zipper)
  • 5 years (on all material and workmanship with the exception of damage due to Chlorine, sunlight or compression).
  • 1 year “Head to Toe” (except for wetsuit that have been lost, stolen or damaged in use)

Some Cons

So the Talon does cost more, which may put it out of range for some folks. With that said, I can attest that the extra cost is worth it and shows in the fit, warmth and durability of the product. My 7mm has been doing a fine job of keeping me warm and protected in Lake Erie for about four years now and is still going strong.

The only part of my Talon that is showing signs of wear are the Duratek knee pads. These kneepads are stretchy and comfortable, but I’d prefer something a little more durable.

The Duratek knee pads are comfortable, but I’d prefer a little something extra on training dives.

Now keep in mind that if you have good buoyancy, your knees are not coming in contact with coral, rocks or shipwrecks and this may not be an issue. However, as an instructor I’m with new students and often conducting drills on the lake and quarry bottom where there are not only rocks, but sharp zebra mussels too.

Final Thoughts

If you’re like me, when you find something you like, you stick with it. Well I loved my 7mm Talon so much, I bought one in 5mm too. This wetsuit keeps you warm with great flexibility and is built to last. Sometimes you need to treat yo self, and spending a little more on a superior wetsuit that will keep you warm is a good place not to skimp.

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