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Why the shearwater teric is a superior dive computer (according to a scuba instructor)

I originally purchased my Shearwater Teric dive computer to serve as a backup to my Sherwood Profile dive computer on my regulator. While the Profile has been a workhorse, the Teric quickly became my main computer. So let’s see why the Teric is a Jay’s Faves…

Picture of the Shearwater Teric dive computer.
The attractive, functional and easy to use Shearwater Teric. (Photo courtesy of


The Teric comes with a 22mm long “Remora” silicone strap. A strap extender is also included for when you have to wear that thicker wetsuit. Replacement straps can be purchased and come in five colors.

photo of Shearwater Teric dive computer straps in different colors.
The Teric “Remora” strap comes in five different colors. (Photo courtesy of

The Remora strap is very comfortable and somewhat stretchy for a really nice snug, but not too tight fit. The little extra stretch definitely helps to give this dive computer a more personal fit for the wearer.

Photo of Shearwater Teric dive computer on wrist.
The Teric provides a comfortable fit.

The dive computer itself weighs in at 120.4g. The dimensions are 54.5mm x 53.5mm and 17.5mm thick, making the display big enough to see well, but not excessively large. In fact, the Teric has a watch function and can easily be worn as a timepiece.

Picture of Shearwater Teric dive computer watch face.
The Teric can easily be worn as a watch.


I’m going to make a confession, I am not a tech. savey person. I can use and learn technical things, but will tend to gravitate to more basic options. With that said, the Teric dive computer has many functions that I found easy to use.

Picture of Shearwater Teric dive computer functions screen.
The Teric has easy to navigate functions.

The Teric is a full color watch that offers five different modes, including modes for technical Trimix and closed circuit rebreather diving. It has a wireless rechargeable battery and comes with a charging station. The Teric easily keeps enough charge for a full day of diving and I’ve never had an issue with the charge not being enough to get through a day.

Picture of Shearwater Teric dive computer with charging station.
The Teric is charged in a wireless charging station, which is included.

The Teric functions are extremely easy to navigate. For example, switching to Nitrox takes seconds and there is room for five different gas presets.

Picture of Shearwater Teric dive computer Nitrox settings.
The Teric makes it easy to jump between standard air and Nitrox.

Another great feature – especially if you’re a dive instructor leading a naviguess, I mean navigation dive – is the 3 axis, tilt compensated, digital compass. The compass is easy to calibrate and use in both reading and setting coordinates.

Picture of the Shearwater Teric dive computer compass screen.

The Teric has plenty of room to store your dive log information (500 hours). There is also the Teric app that you can download. It is easy to link the computer to the app to quickly transfer over your log (The instructor in me needs to remind that it is always a good idea to keep a paper log as a backup in case of technical issues so you never lose all of your dive history).

Picture of Shearwater Teric app to store your dive log information.
The Shearwater app is a handy way to store your dive log.

If you’d like to get your psi readout on the Teric, there is a compatible wireless transmitter. If you happen to use different regulators and want to spend the money on additional transmitters, each Teric can be linked up to four transmitters.

Picture of the Shearwater Teric dive computer wireless transmitter.
The Teric is compatible with a wireless transmitter for your psi needs.

Finally, if don’t like the way your display is set up, you have various options to choose from and that includes numerous color options.

Picture of Shearwater Teric dive computer color selection screen.
Pick your color, Scuba Jay likes Cyan.


I bought my Teric in 2021 and it has held up remarkably well. Whether I’m in salt, fresh or chlorinated pool water when teaching class, the Teric has been a reliable dive computer. Exteriorly, this can be attributed to the sapphire crystal Window and 316 grade stainless steel bezel.

Picture of Shearwater Teric dive computer face.
The sapphire crystal Window and 316 grade stainless steel bezel makes the Teric built to last.

Other than a slight tear in the strap loop and small scratch on the bezel, my Teric looks brand new, and trust me, this has not been babied.

Picture of Shearwater Teric dive computer backside.
Scuba Jay’s Teric looks almost brand new after several years of use.

Some Cons

I have very few cons to report on with the Teric. As mentioned above, I have a slight tear in my strap loop. The tradeoff on having a stretchy comfortable silicone band may be that it is susceptible to tearing. Agian, this is a small tear and my computer has been used extensivly.

The buttons are on the smaller side and can be little difficult to navigate when wearing thicker gloves. However, the buttons are not an issue at all when wearing thin gloves.

I’ve found that sometimes when I place the computer in the recharging station, it doesn’t connect/charge. This just takes removing the computer and reseating it in the station. Not really a big deal, but double check when charging that there is a connection so you don’t have a low battery when off for your next dive.

Finally, the psi reading is a little off – generally about 100psi – when compared to my analog gauge on my regulator. I don’t find this too surprising as the Teric receives that information via Bluetooth. This is just something to keep in mind and I always like to dive with an analog gauge as a backup to make sure I have enough of that all important air.

Final Thoughts

The Shearwater Teric is an excellent dive computer that offers many tailorable features. It is durable and the set-up and the functions are a snap to navigate. I have recommended the Teric to students, family and friends and none have been disappointed.

Picture of Scuba Jay diving with his Shearwater Teric.
Scuba Jay with his Shearwater Teric in Little Cayman.

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